Lowcostmarkers.com and Star Products Corporation have been the leading manufacturer and seller of high quality driveway markers for many years. Founded by David G. Fritz, successful business man, inventor, landscaper, and the founder and president of the leading golf training aid brand in the world. David had started the very large and successful landscaping company “Outdoor Images, INC.”, where he learned the ins and outs of snowplowing and landscape management.

Star Products was founded on a few basic principles: To produce the highest quality products, sell them at the lowest prices, and also provide the very best service. We are very pleased to offer our high quality driveway markers in many different sizes and widths, in ten highly visible colors, and with high quality glass particle infused reflectors (available in four unique and highly visible colors). Our markers are specially designed to withstand heavy wind, rain, snow and ice, and while maintaining their high quality.

Also available are our specially designed and exclusive to the industry driveway marker flags, with these florescent orange or black flags you can easily mark driveway ends, sidewalks, curbs, or even use them to advertise for your business with our custom logo flag stickers

Star Products Corporation is a proud member of S.I.M.A.
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