SOLD “AS IS” – (Sold in Increments of 100, 200, 300 etc. ONLY) B+ Grade 4′ x 1/4″ Orange Driveway Markers with Cap and 5″ Imperfect* Reflective Tape – See Product Description for Details

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Minimum Order: 1x Box of 100 Driveway Marker. Sold in pre-boxed quantities of 100 markers.

*After buying out the inventory of a competitor, we have a limited number of B+ grade markers. Reflective tape is separating due to defective adhesive. Markers are in perfect condition otherwise. To fix, simply place clear adhesive tape over reflective tape to seal.  *click on image for full resolution*


Great for commercial applications or for use as a disposable marker. Sold “as is”. No returns. No quantity discounts because of incredibly low price.

Limited Quantities Available. These B+ Grade Markers Will Sell Fast!

Low cost driveway markers are perfect for many applications including snow removal. All of our driveway markers are made of fiberglass making them more durable than traditional wood markers. The highly reflective tape makes it easy to locate at night.

Guaranteed Low Prices and Excellent Service!


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Weight 18 lbs